What people working in the HVACR Industry have to say...

If you asked 50 different people working in HVACR, “Why HVACR?” you would get 50 different answers. That’s because this industry is so varied and has so many different career options. Many Canadians have found rewarding careers and here is what some of them had to say about their career paths and what their jobs are like.

HVACR Career Profiles

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Career Profile

Refrigeration Mechanic (Apprentice)

Name: Brandi F.

Employer: Johnston Controls Inc.


Career Profile

Safety Inspector

Name: John M.

Employer: Technical Standards and Safety Authority


Career Profile

Refrigeration System Designer and Project Manager

Name: Greg S.

Employer: Polar Refrigeration Services Ltd.

Career Profile

Shipper/Receiver - Inside Sales

Name: Brian M.

Employer: Don Park, A Noble Company


Career Profile

Business Owner

Name: Mario M.

Employer: Owner and Principal, Multi-Temp Systems Inc.