What career is for me?

Think about what interests you. Working with your hands and using tools? Maybe computer work and CAD design is what you like to do? What about sales and marketing or customer service? Do you excel as part of a team or when you work independently? Do you see yourself working for a large company or for yourself? In HVACR it is possible to find a career path and job that suits you.

There is no single entry pathway into the Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration industry. If you’re looking to enter a trade, you’ll need to undertake an apprenticeship. Engineers and designers sometimes begin as skilled trades’ people but they typically have different pathways that would include university or college.

Investigate the opportunities!

Find out what a design engineer does or what skills a heating and air conditioning service technician needs. Each occupational profile gives you insight into a career that is part of the HVACR industry, including job duties, essential skills and educational requirements. 

Explore some of the more common careers in HVACR and choose YOUR path to this dynamic industry!