Bringing the HVACR world into the classroom

The HVACR Career Connections Program is aimed at improving the understanding of the Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry, illustrating the role it plays in the quality of life and indoor environment and highlighting the variety of career options available.

Educating tomorrow's workforce today

HVACR is an essential industry that plays a vital role in our society. Unfortunately this is not general knowledge among students, parents and educators who must sort through the babble of voices competing for their attention.  HVACR Career Connections is designed to provide information to students making career choices, as well as parents, educators and guidance councillors who all play a large part in the decision making. The goal is to introduce more career seekers to the possibilities in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration industry.

Putting a face to a little known industry

Careers in this industry tend to be a best kept secret.  Although, it is hard to imagine why!  HVACR is part of everything and is everywhere. It has an impact on virtually everything we do at home, at school, in play and in business.  And because HVACR is all around us, the industry has a wide variety of careers to match a person’s ambitions and amazing flexibility to change directions along the way.

Explore the elements of the HVACR Career Connection Program and you will discover that HVACR isn’t what you think.  It’s a whole lot more!


  1. HVACR CAREER CONNECTIONS WEBSITE (www.hvacrcareerconnections.ca)
    A single portal of information for background, career options and insight into career possibilities in the HVACR Industry.  This industry is about technology – see some of the cool stories and meet some of the varied people working in the industry.
    Educators, including teachers, guidance and career councillors play a significant role in the success of their students.  This project wants to help you fulfill that role and have provided you with resources to get you started. User-friendly materials are intended to provide background to this industry. (test.pdf )  
    Some Essential Skills applications are included with relevant career profiles on the Educator section of www.hvacrcareers.ca. These are collected here in one document for your convenience. (test.pdf)
    Putting a face to the industry!  Who better to discuss career paths and introduce HVACR to your students than someone who can speak first hand? Coming late in 2011 (dependent on availability in your area) you may invite a member of the industry to speak to your students in a classroom presentation or at a career fair. List of possibilities will be coming soon.