Office Administrator

Who Am I?

The Office Administrator provides administrative support to the Management Team and to the business as a whole. They may be employed in business environments including HVACR Contractors Companies, Wholesalers and Manufacturers offices.

Other Titles

Warranty Administrator (Manufacturing environment)

Essential Skills

Essential Skills are not the technical skills required by particular occupations but rather the skills applied in all occupations. These skills provide the foundation for learning all other skills and apply to careers in HVACR. See Employment and Social Development Canada for more details.

The most important Essential Skills for an Office Administrator (as determined through industry consultation) are:

  • Communication Skills  - Ability to use written skills in reporting, minutes and correspondence and oral communication skills interacting with Management Team
  • Working with Others – Work effectively with many different members of the company, problem solving and building good relations
  • Computer Use – Required for communications, reporting and information tracking.

What do I do?

As an Office Administrator you may do some of the following:

  • Manage the office, supervising part-time support staff
  • Manage a computer system for tracking of information that may include customer contacts and leads
  • Provide support and information for Management, prepares reports
  • Coordinate company meetings and events as they occur, produces minutes and agendas
  • Support the Management Team by  maintaining appointment calendar coordinating travel as required
  • Manages supplies and inventory.


  • Usually a post-secondary diploma in business administration
  • Several years experience in an administrative position.