Corporate Sales Manager

NOC (National Occupational Classification)

  • NOC 0601 Corporate Sales Manager

Who am I?

Corporate Sales Managers focus on marketing and specific product sales management. They establish, direct, and coordinate product development programs to maximize sales and development of new product lines usually for a manufacturing company or for a wholesale or distribution company that supplies the HVACR industry with related parts and equipment. They assist in promoting sales with advertising and promotion incentives and strategies to achieve product sales objectives including market and revenue forecasts, expenses, and distribution channel models.

Other Titles

Marketing Manager
Product Specialist
Product Marketing Specialist

Essential Skills

Essential Skills are not the technical skills required by particular occupations but rather the skills applied in all occupations. These skills provide the foundation for learning all other skills and apply to careers in HVACR. See Employment and Social Development Canada for more details.

The most important Essential Skills for Corporate Sales Managers (as identified through industry consultation) are:

  • Oral Communication Skills – The ability to effectively use interpersonal communication skills (oral) to collect market information for analysis (sales people and customers are part of market research) and ability to translate ideas and complex concepts
  • Working with Others – Skills to work effectively in a team environment with management, relating to sales, product development team and customers.
  • Thinking Skills - Problem Solving includes the ability for analysis and problem solving. Monitor information and analyze market trends and conditions to develop creative solutions and effective product marketing plans

What do I do?

As a Product Manager you may do some of the following:

  • Provide leadership by managing all aspects of product marketing for a variety of product lines, through the entire product marketing lifecycle; advertising, market conditions, promotions, sales and pricing strategies
  • Communicate and interacts with management, product development sales and customers on existing and new developing products
  • Monitor, analyze and report on product opportunities and performance including revenue tracking, inventory levels, profitability and competitive analysis
  • Conduct market research supplemented by client input  in order to evaluate new business opportunities and provide recommendations based on a business case evaluation.


  • A bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering or in a related engineering discipline is required
  • Post Secondary education in Business or a related field is required
  • Usually requires experience in marketing or purchasing, including product management
  • Ideally some understanding of emerging technologies and industry market trends.